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Valorant Skin Bundles “Kohaku & Matsuba” Released: Price, Variants, & More

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The new ‘Kohaku & Matsuba’ collection has finally hit the Valorant store, and it includes some amazing skins for Valorant players to purchase.

Despite being just a Deluxe edition skin, the ‘Kohaku & Matsuba’ skin collection has managed to win praises from Valorant players throughout the globe.

In this article, we take a look at all the skins included in the ‘Kohaku & Matsuba’ collection, their price, variants, and more.

Valorant ‘Kohaku & Matsuba’ Bundle Skins

The ‘Kohaku & Matsuba’ skin bundle in Valorant contains skins for the following weapons:

  • Classic
  • Judge
  • Phantom
  • Operator
  • Melee (Fan)

Kohaku & Matsuba Bundle Skin Variants

Each skin in the ‘Kohaku & Matsuba’ collection has two variants:

  • White (Default)
  • Black

The black variant for the skins can be unlocked with 10 Radianite Points.

Kohaku & Matsuba Bundle Price

Each weapon skin included in the ‘Kohaku & Matsuba’ collection will cost you 1,275 VP, while the knife skin will cost 2,550 VP. The entire bundle collectively costs 5,100 VP and it will give you two additional sprays, a player card, and a gun buddy for free.

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