Valorant Infantry Skin Bundle revealed, price and release date inside

Valorant Infantry Skin Bundle

Valorant, Riot’s FPS, has been a resonating success since its release in 2020, thanks to its unique blend of tactical shooting mechanics and ability-based gameplay along with a wide selection of incredible-looking cosmetics that entice the player-base to grind the game out.

According to the esteemed Twitter user and Data miner, ValorLeaks, the latter has provided us with yet another leak consisting of a brand new skin bundle named “Infantry”. This bundle will be made available on the market in a day i.e. 18/3 by the game developer and will feature five weapons with a newly launched cosmetic finish. Valorant Infantry Skin Bundle will replace the Prime 2.0 Skin bundle which was earlier launched alongside the Episode 2 Act 2.

The Infantry Bundle will feature five weapons with its finish and won’t be having a customized knife. 

Valorant Infantry Skin Bundle price and release date:

  • Bundle Price: 350 Valorant Points.
  • Release Date: 18th March 2020

Skins price:

  • Ares  (Price: 875VP)
  • Ghost  (Price: 875VP)
  • Guardian  (Price: 875VP)
  • Operator  (Price: 875VP)> Spectre  (Price: 875VP)

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