Valorant gives out Duality Player Card to everyone

duality valorant

Amid a string of technical issues, Riot Games has eventually decided to give Duality Player Card to every player. A week ago, during the Valorant Championship Tour: Masters 2 – Reykjavik finale between Sentinels and Fnatic, the developers released the Duality cinematic clip which dived deeper into the Valorant lore and the backstory of the game.

Earlier the users only had 48 hours to redeem the code on the game’s website and secure the Duality Player Card. But, due to unprecedented traffic, the website crashed several times and the players faced technical issues to redeem the coupon in a short span of time.

The Duality Player Card sheds light on the Valorant lore and several questions after witnessing the trailer. To compensate for the technical glitches, Riot extended the redemption period, though users yet again faced problems. 

Later through a tweet, Riot Games announced that they have finally concluded that the Duality Player Card will be added to everyone’s inventory whether they have redeemed the code or otherwise. 

Riot Games took a rational decision to not let even a few miss out on the card due to technical issues. You will soon see the card in your inventory.