Valorant error 39 – How to fix it?

Players are reporting a new Code 39 error in Valorant. Here is all the information we have on how you can potentially fix it.

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Valorant players are again reporting that the servers are down and this time, they are facing the code 39 error. Valorant has had a rough history of going down quite often for various regions and this time, American servers are facing this problem. Here is all the information we have on the Code 39 error and a potential fix to this problem.

Valorant Code 39 error is a connectivity issue that is causing disconnection issues for several players. Those who are facing this issue may see a pop-up box indicating a connection problem. This is similar to various other issues that made Valorant servers go down and during that period, small troubleshooting methods have proven helpful for some people.

Check the official Valorant Twitter handle to check if they have addressed this issue. If this issue is mass reported, the community is immediately informed. You can also check the Riot Games Service Status website to see the server status of Valorant for your region. If the issue is not addressed, there is a chance that only some players are facing and in that case, you can try the following temporary fixes:

  • Restart Valorant client and if the issue persists, reinstall the entire game.
  • Before reinstalling the game, reinstall Valorant Vanguard and make sure that your computer firewalls are not blocking any connections from Valorant.
  • Whitelist Valorant game from your computer firewall to erase any possibility of a problem from your side.

After following the steps given above, if you still face this error, wait patiently until the developers fix this issue from their side. There is no need to worry as such issues are common for many regions and get fixed in some hours. Until then, you can participate in the Valorant ACT 3 Battlepass giveaway hosted by us, click here for more information.


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