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Valorant Battle Royale Mode Might Already Be In Testing

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Previously, we had reported about how a battle royale mode might be coming to Valorant in a future update. It looks like we’re nearing the date, as multiple leaks have hinted towards the upcoming game mode having already entered in testing at certain places of the world.

The series of rumors were first ignited by ‘Valorant Leaks’ on Twitter.

In this tweet, the “Alt6” game mode featured multiple orbs similar to Spike Rush and on top of that, has extra weapon-specific orbs like the “Operator Orb”, ultimate orbs for Raze and Jett, and a small health orb which heals the player by a margin. All these orbs strongly pointed towards the second game mode being a battle royale.

Valorant Battle Royale Mode:

This time, it’s PlayerIGN who has come up with some new leaks for the battle royale game mode. In his tweet dated November 30th, he mentioned that the Valorant battle royale mode might already be in testing by a small group of players since last week.

He further claimed that “there’s some kind of exclusive testing with the Chinese players,” which, needless to say, is great news for thousands of players who have been eagerly awaiting the entrance of the battle royale mode to the competitive shooter by Riot.

These rumors, along with the ones provided by Valorant Leaks in the past should be enough to confirm the battle royale mode coming to Valorant. While we don’t have a specific release date for the upcoming game mode as of yet, it likely won’t take long for Riot to make an official announcement regarding it.

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