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EditorialsTrials & Tribulations of the Esports Industry

Trials & Tribulations of the Esports Industry


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By now, you must have at least heard of the term esports, as its presence has become somewhat inescapable on TV and the internet at large. However, many people seem not to get why it is becoming such a media phenomenon amongst younger generations and rightfully wonder if it presents any risks.

After all, esports is similar to traditional sports, while being a closer experience to a fun round at Eye of Horus than a Superbowl game.

In order to answer these and many other questions, we have compiled this article to explain everything you need to know about eSports, starting with what eSports mean. We will also touch on the question “why eSports is bad” and try to give an objective view of both sides of the debate. Also, look out for some fun eSports facts that will definitely impress you!

What Is Esports?

To put it simply, esports is an organized multiplayer video game competition between professional players, often watched by an audience either physically or digitally. This spectatorship is nothing to scoff at either, with Newzoo estimating that eSports received an audience around 458.8 million viewers worldwide in 2019.

Most of the games played in these events are team-based and involve multiple players cooperating to overcome their adversary. The most common esport game genres are first-person shooters, real-time strategy, and battle arena games known as MOBAS, most of which can actually be played for free.

Potential Health Risks

When it comes to potential risks, they all entail the fact that both the player and the spectators are looking at a screen for extended periods.

According to Harvard, this can lead to the eyes becoming dry due to a lack of blinking and actual damage to sight because of the bright light. Some risks are related to the time players spend sitting in front of the screen, which, beyond posture, can cause problems with weight gain and heart disease.

Where to Watch It

Now, maybe you want to get a good measure of whether eSports are your thing or not by yourself; if so, you have a wide range of options to watch eSports games. Sports television broadcasts cover some events, but you can also enjoy them through online platforms like:

  • YouTube Gaming
  • Facebook Gaming
  • Twitch

All of these have free mobile apps, so you can watch events wherever you want, be it on Android or iOS. You can also find esports-dedicated venues like the Blizzard arena and Eleague eSports Arena for a smoother stream and a greater esports battle variety.


Despite already making a good case for the popularity of esports, NewZoo goes a step beyond to point out that its audience is only growing. According to their research, eSports will generate up to 1.8 Billion Dollars in 2022 and witness an audience growth between 222 and 347 million. But why? What makes it so popular?

Video game competitions are in no way new, with the first recorded one happening in 1972, known as “The Intergalactic Space War Olympics,” organized by Stanford University students. However, in 2002, esports took a leap with the launching of Xbox Live, which brought online playing to consoles. Only two years later, the Halo 2 Online Tournament was the first eSports event to be transmitted on national television.


Be it with a ball or a joystick, what draws people to sports of all types is the thrill of seeing two opposing parties engage in organized, friendly competition. Some may not consider esports to be an actual sport, but it undeniably carries the same spirit that brings people together to cheer and suffer from their favorite teams.

If you truly want to understand the popularity of esports, the best way to do it is to ask a fan. If you are a fan, why not share with everybody what you love about eSports in the comments? Also, let us know if you have any esports questions, too, and we will do our best to reply!

In order to answer these and many other questions, we have compiled this article to explain everything you need to know about esports, starting with what esports mean. We will also touch on the question “why esports is bad?” and try to give an objective view of both sides of the debate. Also, look out for some fun eSports facts that will definitely impress you!

Ellen Royce
Ellen Royce
Ellen Royce is a writer, blogger, and gamer. Like many others, she thought games make people dull, but several years ago, everything changed when she learned more about the world of online gaming. She is writing about it to spread information about all the significant advantages games bring.

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