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Valorant Battle Royale mode may arrive soon

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At the time of its release on June 2nd, players of Riot’s FPS title Valorant were limited to playing only two game modes – Unrated and Ranked competitive. Over the course of time, two more game modes were added to the competitive shooter including Spike Rush and Deathmatch, the latter of which wasn’t incorporated into the game until recently.

However, it looks like some good news might await the players, as data miners have revealed leaks which suggest that Valorant may soon be welcoming three new game modes to it, one of which is presumed to be a battle royale.

The three new game modes are codenamed “Alt5”, “Alt6” and “SiteRush”. While no information could be gained on the first, the second game mode is what calls for attention.

The “Alt6” game mode features multiple orbs similar to Spike Rush and on top of that, has extra weapon-specific orbs like the “Operator Orb”, ultimate orbs for Raze and Jett, and a small health orb which heals the player by a margin.

All these orbs strongly point towards the second game mode is a battle royale, unless Riot is planning to come up with something out of the ordinary. Over the last couple of years, battle royale games have gained immense traction among players worldwide. Popular battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG have defined an era in video gaming, and even Valorant’s primary rival, CSGO, boasts a battle royale mode known as “Danger Zone”.

The last game mode among the leaks is the “SiteRush” mode. Valorant Leaks on Twitter has defined the objective of this mode as “rush and plant the bomb.” It can be assumed to be similar to the “Execute” game mode which can be found in the community servers of CSGO. According to the leak, this mode is currently being tested.

Riot hasn’t confirmed these leaks, and neither are the exact dates of the release of these game modes transparent as of yet. Are you interested in the Valorant Battle Royale mode? Let us know in the comment section below.

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