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Shroud’s Return to Competitive sees a peak viewership of 600k

Yesterday with the start of the VCT NA Last Chance Qualifier, we saw the much-awaited competitive comeback of the beloved Shroud.

On July 8th, Sentinels announced that they are adding Shroud to their active Valorant Roster to substitute for Sick, who could not attend the tournament due to a family problem. The signing took the Valorant world by storm and was one of the most hyped signing for Sentinels since TenZ.

Soon after, Zellsis was added to the roster as the fifth man instead of Kenpaki to make an almost new LCQ roster. With Dani, Weltz, and Rawkus as the support staff, everyone was waiting for the new Sentinels debut and the return of Shroud to the competitive side of Gaming after more than three years.

Playing against the Guard, Shroud, who had already announced he’d be playing controller in the team, started the first map of Breeze donning Viper and clutching along with TenZ in the first half to leave his mark in the game. 

On Icebox in the game’s final moments in a 2v4 situation, Shroud grabbed a 4k to give sentinels an advantage, but the team made mistakes and could not close out the games to lose the series 2-1 in the last map, which went to double overtime. 

Shroud finished the game with a KDA of 39/59/25 and ACS of 157. While the team lost the series, they would still have a chance today against Shopify Rebellions to continue in the event. 

Despite the anti-climatic loss of Sentinels, The series had a peak viewership of 600K across the multiple watch parties. Tarik was the frontrunner recording a peak viewership of 205k, followed by Shroud’s Channel, The Valorant Official stream, and Kyedae’s. The viewership record was unprecedented, and it was one of the most watched matches of atleast this year. 

While Shroud and Sentinels would play again today in an Elimination match-up, it would be interesting to see what records the stream will set today. The Sentinel vs. Shopify Rebellion Game would go live at 4:00 PM PT, and viewers can choose whoever they want to watch. 

Stay tuned as we give you more of Shroud and LCQ.

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