Valorant Team Rising Hope Coach Faces Allegations of Sexually Harassing Team

Members of the female Valorant team ‘Rising Hope’, which was previously known as ‘Nigma Galaxy Female’, have unanimously agreed to part ways with the organization after being allegedly harassed by one of their coaches on multiple occasions.

Jehiel, who was the former head coach for Rising Hope, has released a statement via Twitlonger to elaborate on the incident and the team’s collective decision of leaving the org.

Rising Hope Valorant Members Quit Team After Allegedly Being Harassed by Coach

According to Jehiel’s statement, Rising Hope coach Simmons would regularly make inappropriate remarks in front of the team during scrims.

“After the discussion and planning of strategy, Simons would just speak out randomly and say, ‘Hey Wway call me and show me your dick,’ the statement reads. “He would say this around three times. It may be an internal joke to them or something but since I am a coach of female players, I found it inappropriate so I called him out telling him that it wasn’t a good joke and that he should refrain from doing that as it was not funny.”

Simmons allegedly continued his indecent behavior even after being called out by the team. The Rising Hope members then decided to hold their own training and scrims without the presence of the two coaches. Afterward, they would send the VODs to the coaches for review.

This was working out well for the team till Simmons asked to watch the scrims once again on September 27th.

According to Jehiel, everything went fine for the initial fifteen minutes as the coaches were on mute while watching the games. However, things went south really quickly.

“After some time, Simons would speak out in Russian while the players were in-game and they had a hard time listening to footsteps and concentrating. So, I would call out Simons to mute his microphone but he didn’t stop and would continue to speak.” Jehiel said in the statement. “After this, he said ‘Wway call me and show me your dick.’ I called him out again, saying that it wasn’t funny and to go on mute.”

Jehiel further alleges that Simmons proceeded to show his penis on the camera in front of all the members of the team.

“The players left the Discord and I was wondering what happened. I transferred to our Discord and asked them what happened. They told me how Simons showed his penis right in front of the camera.”

Traumatized by the incident. Jehiel told Rising Hope owner Lazar that the team would quit if Simmons stayed as a coach in the org.

As confirmed by a recent announcement from the Rising Hope Twitter handle, Simons would remain in the organization and will take part in the formation of the new line-up.