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Ninja Quits Competitive Valorant Team Time In

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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has announced stepping away from his competitive Valorant team, Time In.

The 29-year-old streamer announced in a Twitch stream that he wanted to focus more on streaming and hence the decision. He further explained that he was being unable to invest the amount of time into the shooter as required to maintain his skills in the highest level of competitive play.

“I told the team that I wanted them to find a replacement for me,” Ninja said in the stream. “I feel like such a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now I can stream whenever I want, I can get off whenever, right now if I wanted to. I would have had to have gotten off twenty-six minutes ago and been ready for scrims.”

Ninja Quits Time In Valorant Roster

Previously, we have seen Ninja quitting Fortnite. While much of his current fame can be credited to his Fortnite-streaming days, the star had grown frustrated with the increasing numbers of stream snipers and decided to call it quits to the battle royale. However, he is still seen streaming Fortnite occasionally on his Twitch channel.

Ninja fans can expect to see more of his live streams over the next few days, as the star can now focus more on his Twitch channel and streaming career.

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