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Next Valorant Agent Codename Leaked

Last Act, the Valorant community welcomed Clove, the newest Agent in the competitive shooter by Riot Games. Only a few weeks have passed since the release of the new Controller, and it seems that dataminers have already managed to uncover the first details behind the next Agent arriving to the game.

Prominent Valorant leaker and X (formerly Twitter) user ‘VALORANTLeaksEN’ has dug up game files to uncover the codename of the next Valorant Agent. The dataminer has revealed his findings on his X handle.

New Valorant Agent ‘Sherry’ Leaked

According to the recent leaks, the next Valorant Agent is codenamed ‘SHERRY’, and they are currently under active development.

While it remains uncertain whether SHERRY will ultimately debut on the live servers, speculation within the Valorant community has already ignited discussions about the potential traits and abilities of the new Agent.

Who is the Next Valorant Agent – Sherry?

No official announcement has been made by Riot Games on the next Valorant Agent at the time of writing, which is why no further details are available on SHERRY at the time of writing.

Only the codename of the Agent has been leaked online. The in-game name of the new Agent is likely to be different.

Valorant Sherry Release Date

Since Clove was added to Valorant in Episode 8 Act 2, the earliest that fans can expect to see SHERRY in-game is around Episode 9 Act 2, which is scheduled to release in August 2024.

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