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Bugged Valorant Mystbloom bundle gives players free wallhack

The highly anticipated Average Jonas skin bundle, i.e. Valorant Mystbloom bundle is allegedly giving players wallhacks.

According to reports, the bug is very prominent with the Operator. Near the Mystbloom gun, an enemy silhouette might emerge from behind an object, resembling a wallhack. Owners of Mystbloom would have a competitive advantage because the outline would match the color of the weapon version.

AverageJonas was caught off guard by the bug as it was pretty normal to assume it was a meme until he noticed that several players across a plethora of Valorant communities had reported the issue. As bizarre as it sounds, it may not be as apparent as wallhacks, but suffice it to say that it can be taken advantage of to get an edge over the player.

“You know we wanna make cool skins but pay-to-win isn’t acceptable or intentional. We didn’t catch this, but we appreciate the community helped us find this. We’re fixing this bug now and will push out a fix soon.”  acknowledged Riot.

Now that the bug has garnered the attention of Riot, we can expect a fix in no time. Given that the bundle has received positive feedback from the community, more and more gamers would likely like to get their hands on it. With the Valorant events on the calendar, Riot will be under a ticking clock to push an update.

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