New Valorant Agent Teased on Icebox


Strange footsteps visuals have been reported by a player while scrimming on the new Icebox map that was released by Riot a month ago. These visuals might lead to a potential Agent tease by the game developer.

As reported earlier by, Riot might add a new agent to Valorant’s 13 Agents roster. It’s been a month since the release of the new map, Icebox which was followed by the unveiling of the new healer Agent, ‘Skye’ 20 days later.

The current Valorant 1.14 patch not only did bring in some massive changes including buffs and matchmaking updates but has also given the players an early opportunity to investigate the teaser of this new upcoming agent.

Valorant new agent 14

This teaser was first reported by a player who goes by the name ‘Colagraag’ where he spotted some kind of a puddle effect near the defender’s spawn location on Icebox.

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It was further clarified by a Youtube channel, ‘Constant Valorant’ who stumbled upon some game while he tried to dig into this potential ingame prick. This agent is reportedly adjudged as a stealth agent who can alter the course of his movements and death.

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The above YouTube Video clearly depicts the game’s potential release but at the moment it’s release can’t be predicted. Various sources have pondered upon the release date to be at the end of ongoing Act 3 which ends on January 11th.