How to get Valorant Duality Player Card

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Riot Games revealed the Valorant Duality player card through a cinematic earlier today during the VCT: Stage 2 Masters’ Grand Finals.

Valorant is one among the famous titles of Riot and since its launch, the first-person tactical shooter has reportedly shook the entire community by storm. Known to be a blend of Counter Strike and Overwatch due to its gunplay, Valorant too does have an aesthetic factor that is indeed well appreciated by its player-base.

Along with weapon skins and other stuff like gun-buddies, players are often spotted to have equipped a fancy player card as their in-game display. There are a plethora of ways by the means of which, one can acquire these cards i.e. through the battle pass or weapon-skin bundles.

Today in between the grand finale match played between Sentinels and Fnatic, a cinematic was run by the game developers which indeed promoted their new player card known as “Duality” This player card can be acquired by redeeming a code provided by Riot on their official website.

How To Redeem Valorant Duality Player Card:

  • Head over to
  • Over there, login into your Riot account.
  • Use code “YTILAUD” to redeem the Duality player card.

There you go, you’ve successfully acquired the Duality player card.

Please note : The offer is valid for the next 48 hours, so make sure you redeem the same before your clock runs out.

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