VALORANT PBE servers suggest changes to the map

fracture rework

According to a video that was extracted from the most recent VALORANT Public Beta Environment update, Fracture is going to undergo significant revisions in the near future.

Since the release of Fracture on VALORANT servers for the very first time, it has been more than a year. Players fought in never-before-seen conditions, with attackers able to strike sites from two angles.

With infinite rotation and flanking, it’s one of VALORANT’s most creative maps yet. Riot Games has not modified the map in any way since it was first made available on September 8, 2021.

The modifications to both the A and B sites of Fracture are presented in their entirety in the video that was shared by floxay on Twitter. The Satellite, the Drop, and the Rope on the A site have all been given a brand new appearance, which constitutes the most important modification. 

The satellite’s rock has been moved to the right to create a passage for players. A Drop has been opened, allowing for less coverage on the right side, where a ramp sits. The rope on A site now includes a catwalk that stretches from the aperture so players can view A Drop from different angles. Under the rope, the two piled boxes no longer appear to be wall-bangable, making them a new hiding option.

Nothing major was done to B Property on Fracture other than adding a ramp to the Arcade side of the site. The film gives the impression that the rest of the location has not been disturbed in any way. Fracture updates are live on PBE, but there’s no clear timetable for when they’ll be live.

PBE is a method that game developers use to filter out bugs in their future patches ahead of their actual release. By opting into the PBE servers, players are able to get a sneak peek at future updates before they’re officially introduced to the live servers

PBE players will be able to test new maps and play new agents before they are shipped to the game and report any bugs they encounter along the way to the developers’ team.