Valorant Cinematic Retake: All you need to know

yoru valorant

Today Valorant on their YouTube channel revealed the new cinematic and upcoming agent Yoru, an agent from the Japanese origin. The latter was seen in action along with Phoenix while they tried to retake a site post plant. 

In the cinematic, we witnessed a plethora of potential teasers and the Valorant agent Yoru’s tactics. Talking about the new agent, the Japanese inhabitant may provide his team with some insane lurking manoeuvres by using his Ultimate ability.

When activated, Yoru enters a realm and can traverse across the map but at the cost of his footprints getting revealed while doing so.

This was depicted via the short video today where he sneaks into his opponent’s territory only to take down the sniper (Cypher) camping above while Phoenix popped out a flash and knocked out Viper.

Photo: Riot Games

It was Yoru Vs Jett in the end where the latter on offense was trying to defend the planted spike. This was ultimately won by the Japanese as he deployed a portal right behind Jett only to teleport when she took a shot at him.

Phoenix who joined Yoru to celebrate their win met an odd fate where we witnessed the latter kill the former. It was revealed that Phoenix was in his ultimate “Run it back” and got lucky. Upon being confronted, Yoru replied, “Well, she shot first.”

We saw Yoru teleport behind Jett eventually taking her down. But the question arises, how did she manage to get back at Phoenix? Will Valorant bring in the “Self-revive” ability at a certain point?