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Valorant stream snipers caught after their alleged involvement in crypto throwing

Valuable content creators are hitting out at problematic stream snipers who are paid in crypto to throw their live games.

The practice of “crypto throwing” only became popular in the stream-sniping community recently. The idea is straightforward, a “bounty” is placed on a streamer on a Discord channel, and the winner of the streamer’s next ranked game receives the reward.

Valorant’s issues have been widely reported for a long time, especially its MMR system. There appears to be a large number of players who take advantage of the MMR system by cheating, throwing, griefing, win-trading, and generally acting in a toxic manner. 

Professional players who are currently on a VALORANT franchise squad or under contract with a top-tier organization were extended direct invitations to the event. One might face significant tiredness from all these issues since pro players and content creators as well might face these issues as a difficult setting to hone their skills. 

The general consensus, however, is that gamblers are paying people to queue snipe a streamer’s competitive game in the hopes of winning a fortune.

“crypto-betting” or “crypto-throwing” emerged in January as a craze in which Valorant stream snipers would toss rated matches against popular streamers or professional esports players in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Popular Twitch Streamer PROD shared a screenshot from his server’s Discord Channel which appears to be a bounty board which featured names of all the streamers along with their bounty heads if a player were to throw their games. 

Those who participated in the troubling trend might wager on which streamer would lose a match prior to the toss by visiting crypto-betting sites.

Valorant content creators and pros such as Tarik and Subroza have previously lashed out against crypto-betting, highlighting its negative effects on ranked public matches. 

Players could add broadcasters to the list based on who sets the reward, and the board was updated weekly, as seen in the screenshot. Not only did PROD have the largest crypto bets, but so did other well-known broadcasters like Shahzam and Kyedae, making them prime targets for stream snipers.

Shahzam and Kyedae have faced the same thing alongside PROD where they have been targeted by stream snipers and have been victims of a crypto bounty setting. 

Valorant Pro City was developed by Tarik, one of the most famous Valorant streamers on Twitch, as a solution for professional players and high-level ELO grinders.

Pro City surrounds or you can say built around invited professional players and high-ranked VALORANT players. The 10-man games indeed match the level of gameplay one might look forward to witnessing, unlike other one-sided games. 

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