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Revenant Esports Joins Skyesports Masters CSGO Tournament As Franchised Contenders

Revenant Esports, a rising force in the Indian esports scene, is gearing up to enter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) as one of the elite franchised teams in the highly anticipated Skyesports Masters. This groundbreaking tournament boasts an astonishing prize pool of Rs. 2 Crore, making it one of the most significant gaming events to date in India.

Revenant Esports will assemble a formidable seven-man roster for the competition, consisting of five main players and two substitutes. Moreover, each team in the tournament is granted the opportunity to include two international imports, adding a diverse flavor to the mix. Complying with the roster regulations of the Skyesports Masters, Revenant Esports will also

Revenant Esports has been making waves in the Indian esports landscape, solidifying its position with recent funding from the renowned Bollywood star Tiger Shroff. Securing a spot in India’s inaugural franchised esports tournament is a testament to the organization’s exponential growth and ambition.

Rohit Jagasia, Founder and CEO of Revenant Esports, expressed his excitement about the team’s participation, stating, “At Revenant Esports, we always approach games with a long-term vision. Skyesports has presented us with an incredible opportunity through the franchised Skyesports Masters. With CSGO, we are on track to establish eight rosters across various esports titles in India. Revenant Esports believes in identifying and nurturing esports talents to transform them into stars, and the Skyesports Masters, along with the cafe qualifiers, offer us the perfect platform to accomplish just that. Joining this promising league as a franchised team was an obvious choice for us.”

The Skyesports Masters emerges as India’s groundbreaking franchised league, featuring eight teams battling it out for supremacy. The tournament commences with an exhilarating League Stage spanning multiple weeks, leading to the Playoffs where the top-performing teams will compete to be crowned champions. With renowned gaming icons set to vie for glory, the event promises to captivate esports enthusiasts nationwide. The Skyesports Masters is proudly powered by AMD and Windows 11, with Zebronics serving as the event’s esteemed peripheral partner.

Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO of Skyesports, expressed his excitement regarding Revenant Esports’ inclusion as a franchised team in the tournament, stating, “I am thrilled to welcome Revenant Esports to the Skyesports Masters. As a participant in our league, Revenant will have the opportunity to compete against the nation’s top CSGO teams for a substantial prize pool of Rs. 2 Crores. Revenant is an organization committed to long-term partnerships, aligning perfectly with our objective of nurturing Counter-Strike from grassroots to greatness in the future, in line with Rohit’s vision.”

As Revenant Esports prepares to embark on this exciting journey, the Indian esports community eagerly anticipates their performance in the Skyesports Masters, where the stage is set for them to shine and leave an indelible mark on the thriving Indian esports landscape.

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