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Tiger Shroff’s Investment Propels Revenant Esports into the Limelight of Indian Esports

The youngest action superstar, Tiger Shroff, has taken a significant step in bridging the gap between Bollywood and the Indian Esports industry. In an exciting announcement made today through a joint press release, Tiger Shroff revealed his undisclosed investment in Revenant Esports, one of India’s rapidly growing esports teams.

Boosting Revenant Esports’ prospects, this strategic investment aims to strengthen their esports rosters, expand their pool of content creators, enhance their bootcamp infrastructure, and solidify their position as the premier esports organization in India. Additionally, the organization plans to extend its reach globally, further solidifying its presence on the international esports stage.

The CEO and Founder of Revenant Esports, Rohit Jagasia, expressed his delight at welcoming Tiger Shroff into the Revenant Esports family. Recognizing Tiger’s affinity for gaming and his connection with the millennial and Gen Z audience, he emphasized that Revenant offers him the ideal platform to actively engage with the Indian gaming community. The involvement of the entertainment industry in gaming serves as a catalyst in spreading awareness about its potential and significance among the Indian population, particularly those less informed. With Tiger’s vast fanbase and his passion for gaming, Revenant Esports aims to accelerate its vision of creating a vibrant and captivating ecosystem for both the organization and the esports community as a whole.

Rohit Jagasia, a first-generation entrepreneur, initiated Revenant Esports in 2021 with a single-game roster in BGMI. Since then, the organization has grown exponentially, now boasting multiple content creators and diverse rosters competing in numerous prestigious esports tournaments, bringing accolades and pride to the country.

Tiger Shroff Invests In Revenant Esports

Tiger Shroff, a dedicated fitness enthusiast, gamer, and MMA follower, is known for his ardent love for esports. His decision to invest in Revenant Esports represents the harmonious fusion of the two powerful genres of cinema and esports, forming a potent alliance with immense potential for success.

Expressing his thoughts on this partnership, Tiger Shroff stated, “Revenant Esports is one of the biggest names in the Indian esports landscape, and I am thrilled to be part of it. Their remarkable success within a short span, combined with the gaming and esports revolution currently sweeping the nation, gives me confidence that Rohit and I, with our shared passion, knowledge, and vision, will achieve extraordinary success and experiences. As a devoted gamer myself and a keen observer of the industry, I also hope to utilize this association as a launching pad for meaningful growth in the sector.”

Revenant Esports takes pride in housing some of the country’s top esports talents and leading content creators. The organization has consistently demonstrated its prowess on both regional and international stages, triumphing in renowned tournaments such as the BGMI: Master Series (Star Sports), Valorant: Valorant Challengers League South Asia, Pokemon Unite: Asia Champions League 2023, Brawl Stars: ESL Masters Japan, Apex Legends: ALGS Split 2 playoffs, and CODM: World Championship 2021.

In recent times, Revenant Esports has successfully onboarded three highly influential content creators in the Indian gaming scene: Emperor Plays, Bitty, and Ayush is live. With plans to welcome more valuable creators in the coming months, Revenant is committed to nurturing talent and expanding its creative portfolio.

The Indian gaming industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years. According to the Lumikai Gaming Report, gaming companies in India have secured a staggering $2.8 billion from investors in the past five years. Projections indicate a target of $513 million in funds raised by the end of 2022, a remarkable 380% increase compared to 2019 and a 23% increase compared to 2020.

Revenant Esports has recently forged high-profile partnerships with global brands such as AMD, PUMA, CORSAIR, and CYBEART, further establishing its influence within the industry. The investment from Tiger Shroff, an influential Bollywood icon, serves as further evidence of the entertainment industry’s recognition of the limitless potential inherent in the Indian esports industry.

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