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What Is Valorant Pro City? The High ELO Alternative To Ranked

If you’ve been following professional players and streamers, you may have come across the term “Pro City” which is an invite-only hub that lets the former join custom games instead of queuing for ranked matches.

Valorant Pro City was developed by Tarik, one of the most famous Valorant streamers on Twitch, as a solution for professional players and high-level ELO grinders.

Pro City surrounds or you can say built around invited professional players and high-ranked VALORANT players. The 10-man games indeed match the level of gameplay one might look forward to witnessing, unlike other one-sided games. 

Valorant’s issues have been widely reported for a long time, especially its MMR system. There appears to be a large number of players who take advantage of the MMR system by cheating, throwing, griefing, win-trading, and generally acting in a toxic manner. 

Professional players who are currently on a VALORANT franchise squad or under contract with a top-tier organization were extended direct invitations to the event. One might face significant tiredness from all these issues since pro players and content creators as well might face these issues as a difficult setting to hone their skills. 

Professional players and other high-ranked players who wish to queue up for customs are the only members of the Pro City Hub. The sole reason behind Pro City is to naturally come across those players who are well-dedicated towards the game and care less about the MMR from the official queue. 

You can keep tabs on the happenings around Pro City by checking out NeatQueue which would allow you to filter matches by Month, Match Rating, Games Played, Wins, and Losses. 

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