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VALORANT Reaver 2.0 Skin Bundle: Price, Release Date, & More

Twitter user Valorant Updated has surfaced a leak which headlines the probable release of the Valorant Reaver 2.0 Skin Bundle, the second entry in the series. The first iteration made its way into the game back in November 2020 after just 5 months of the first person tactical shooter’s release.

The bundle quickly rose to prominence with Jett mains getting the same due to its cosmetic appearance and with her ability to dash, making them want the Operator more than any other skin-line.

The leaks suggest the Reaver Bundle 2.0 will feature Odin, Phantom and a Karambit themed Melee weapon while the rest are to be determined once Riot confirms the launch of the bundle.

Just like the previous iteration of the bundle, it is expected that Reaver 2.0 will be priced somewhere around 11,825 Valorant Points and will break stores upon its arrival.

Valorant Reaver 2.0 Skin Bundle

Reaver 2.0 Karambit themed Melee

Reaver 2.0 Odin

Reaver 2.0 Phantom

As far, we can’t confirm the integrity of this leak supported by the fact that the same might be photoshopped but it definitely won’t hurt if we do believe its authenticity. ValorantUpdated on his Twitter handle stated that no game files corresponding to the leak were found with Riot yet to confirm the details.

Valorant, Riot’s FPS, has been a resounding success since its release in 2020, thanks to its unique blend of tactical shooting mechanics and ability-based gameplay along with a wide selection of incredible-looking cosmetics that indeed have enticed the player-base to grind the game out.

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