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Paper Rex and FPX upset Optic and Fnatic at VCT Masters Copenhagen

The first playoff day with Upper Finals and Lower Semifinals of Valorant Champions Tour Masters Copenhagen delivered in style. The Upper semifinals started with Paper Rex Taking on the defending Optic Gaming, and the Lower Finals had an EMEA Challengers Remake. 

Paper Rex and Optic Gaming arguably have two of the strongest mental in the game. Fnatic is a sure-fire Championship contender, while FunPlus Phoenix has displayed insane strength and would have one of the best clashes today. 

Summary of VCT Masters Copenhagen Playoffs Day 1:

  • Game 1: Optic Gaming 1-2 Paper Rex
  • Game 2: FunPlus Gaming 2-1 Fnatic

VCT Masters Copenhagen Upper Finals:

The Upper Finals between Optic Gaming and Paper Rex was a battle of styles, with both teams coming in with their A games. The maps chosen for the battle were Haven, Bind and Fracture, with Optic choosing the first map. 

The first map started with Optic cleaning up Paper Rex in the Pistol and won the follow-up. Paper Rex managed to overhaul the Optic defence and won the game 13-3, only dropping an additional one round. 

The second map, Paper Rex’s choice, started heavily in Optic’s favour, with Optic winning seven rounds in a row. Paper Rex managed to scrape three rounds, ending the half 3-9.

Optic on attack managed to win Pistol again, But Paper Rex answered immediately. It almost seemed as if Paper Rex would make a comeback, but Yay managed to stop the Paper Rex train, forcing the third map. 

The third map started with Paper Rex winning the first two rounds, but Optic Gaming answered back with three rounds. Paper Rex then wholly shut down Optic’s attack attempts to win the half 9-3.

The second half was the same, with Optic gaming getting completely rekt by Paper Rex’s attack losing the map 5-13 and the series 1-2 and would be forced to play the lower brackets tomorrow. 

Paper Rex, with this Victory, becomes the first Asian team to reach the finals and would play in a BO5 final on Sunday against the winner of the Lower Bracket Finals.

VCT Masters Copenhagen Lower Semi-Finals:

The day’s second match had Fnatic taking on FPX for the Lower Bracket finals spots. The games start on Split from FPX, followed by Bind from Fnatic and Fracture as the decider. 

FPX started their map pick on attack and won four out of the five rounds. Fnatic answered back with two rounds but could not carry the momentum forward and lost the half 4-8. 

The second half went well for Fnatic, but FPX managed to secure a map point in the 21st round, and Fnatic won the next three rounds to force Overtime. 

The Overtime started with both teams exchanging defensive halves, but a Boaster clutch in the final attacking half helped Fnatic secure the first map. 

The second map was Fnatic’s to win, but FPX completely shut their attacks for the first six rounds. Fnatic somehow scrapped five rounds to end the half 5-7. 

The second half was completely in FPX’s favour, with Fnatic losing most of their defensive half, losing their map pick 7-13. 

FPX on fracture started dominantly, winning six straight rounds and continued their winning ways to finish the half 9-3. The second half started in Fnatic’s favour, but FPX quickly closed the game 13-5 to win the series 2-1 and would face Optic Gaming tomorrow for a chance at Grand Finals. 

Fnatic would be next seen at Valorant Champions along with FPX and had a tough loss. 

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