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Valorant Players Might Be Able To Hide Their Crosshair In Future

In Valorant, players are given the ability to check others’ crosshair in-game with the click of a single button. While this move has been appreciated by a majority of the Valorant player base, a number of players are also criticizing Riot for this feature, claiming that this is leading to harassment in-game.

In the latest blog post of ‘Ask Valorant’, a fan questioned the devs, “Is there any way to hide my crosshair from anyone observing me? I get harassed for my crosshair in almost every game, and it’s really putting me off from playing.”

The developers seem to have taken note of this issue, and assured this fan that players might be able to hide their crosshair in a future update. 

“Sorry to hear you’re getting harassed over crosshair choice,” Matt Le, Valorant Producer, said. “We allow players to spectate other crosshairs so they can get inspiration for their own, but I can definitely see how the consistent comments could become annoying. I think being able to hide your crosshair is a great idea— we’ll try to fit it into our future plans and keep you posted on any changes.”

It goes without saying that crosshairs in any FPS title should be based on personal preference and self-satisfaction. Harassing other in-game for their crosshair selection is no way to vent your frustration after losing a round.

It can be expected that the Valorant devs will take a look at this issue in the near future and ship out a patch giving players the option to hide their crosshair.

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