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Game Breaking CSGO Bug Found With New Ping System

It has been over three weeks since the initial release of Operation Broken Fang, but it seems like some game breaking bugs are still left unnoticed by the developers as players have reported being able to spot enemies through walls using a glitch with the new ‘Ping’ system in the shooter.

CSGO Ping Bug

The bug involves using the ‘Ping’ feature at a certain part of the map and waiting for your opponent to pass through it. Players get a visual indication whenever an enemy passes through that ping, enabling them to spot their opposition through walls and even pre-firing at them.

Don Haci has shared a demonstration of this bug in a tweet. In the video, Na’Vi star ‘m0NESY’ can be seen using his ping outside A apps on Inferno to spot an enemy T passing through it. This information can be easily used to gain an unfair advantage across many spots on every map in the game. Another obvious example would be B Apps on Mirage.

While the exploit hasn’t been fixed as of yet, it’s likely to be patched out by the developers in the next few hours. Major game-breaking exploits like these can significantly disrupt the gameplay experience of the player base and are, therefore, generally fixed quickly.

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