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Tony Flame’s Twitter Account Hacked; hacker critises SBMM

Tony Flame, lead game designer for Black Ops Cold War, had his Twitter account hacked on the morning of Christmas. While it is not clear whether the attack was by an individual or a group, his feed was full of racial abuses. Twitter has since locked his account.

Flame has gained popularity for having a huge influence on Black Ops Cold War, as well as how its developments are passed on to the media. His Twitter feed was filled with updates and developments around the game.

Of all the tweets posted, the one that went viral was one asking Activision to remove Skill Based Matchmakng(SBMM), because it was “runining the game I worked hard to make.” The feature, one of the most polarising, has not been addressed by the developers and continues to divide opinions among fans.

The account, which is still hacked, has been locked from posting any content. Activision or Flame have not yet commented anything on this matter.

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