Valorant Patch Notes 4.08 PBE Bring Ammo Indicators for Agent Abilities

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While Valorant fans throughout the world are eagerly waiting on the release of the highly anticipated Episode 4 Act 3 update, it seems that there might be more to look forward to, as the Valorant Patch 4.08 PBE has brought a much-needed change to the shooter.

Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 will be bringing a plethora of new content to the title including a new Agent, Skin Bundles, a fresh Battle Pass, and much more. Furthermore, if the PBE patch notes are an indication, a couple of quality of life changes will also be making their way to the title alongside the update.

Taking a look at the Valorant 4.08 PBE patch notes reveals that it has brought ammo indicators to Agent abilities in Valorant. For instance, if you’re playing Jett with Bladestorm equipped, Sova with Hunter’s Fury equipped, or Raze with Showstopper equipped, you’ll be able to see how much ammo you have left on them.

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Here are the patch notes for Valorant 4.08 PBE:

VALORANT Patch Notes 4.08 PBE


Ability Ammo Improvements

  • Jett’s Bladestorm, Raze’s Showstopper, and Sova’s Hunter’s Fury will now show how much ammo each has left remaining when equipped.

When Will Valorant 4.08 PBE End?

Valorant 4.08 PBE started on April 15, 2022 and concluded at 11 am PDT Monday, April 18.

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