Valorant Patch 4.08 Jett Nerf Explained

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It’s not a good day to be a Jett main, as a newly revealed nerf to the South Korean Duelist has Valorant fans throughout the world questioning her future in the competitive meta.

As stated in a recent blog post by Riot Games, Jett will receive a massive nerf in the upcoming patch 4.08 that will potentially change the Agent’s playstyle in pubs and professional games alike.

Valorant Patch 4.08 Jett Nerf

Valorant patch 4.08 will be decreasing Jett’s maneuverability on the battlefield quite a bit, as she’ll only have a 12-second window to use her dash once she decides to activate the ability.

Here are the official Jett changes in the next Valorant update as confirmed by the developers:


  • On pressing the ability key, after a short delay Jett activates a 12 second window where she is empowered to immediately dash on next button press.
  • Her Tailwind charge is lost whether she Dash’s or the window expire, but can still be regained with two kills.

“With this update, we want to bring Jett back into that core loop by asking her to call her shots and then engage with a window of dash power to make those trademark explosive plays,” the devs said in a statement. “This should create clear signals for other players to consider and understand that Jett made a deliberate call. Jett’s new dash will require an adjustment for players but we feel this is the best solution to balance maintaining Jett’s identity while increasing game health.”

What Does Jett’s Nerf Mean?

The nerf on Jett’s Tailwind means that she’ll be unable to dash out of sticky situations unless she pre-emptively uses her Tailwind before an engagement. 

Here’s how Jett’s Tailwind will work after the update:

This huge nerf to Jett’s mobility can result in a huge pick rate boost for Chamber, who can now take the role of the Duelist as the primary entry fragger for teams, as his teleport can still be used instantaneously when he places the anchor beforehand.

It’d also be interesting to see how these nerfs affect Jett’s win rate in the competitive scene, and whether the pros resort to a new playstyle with Jett to make up for her nerfs.

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