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Watch: Valorant Player Gets One Second Ace With Breach

A Valorant player has landed a stunning one-second ace in Ascent using Breach, and the video has already gone viral on the internet. For the unaware, an ace is when one player wipes out the entire enemy team by himself.

While an ace may not be that uncommon in Valorant, one done in a single second certainly is. The Breach player showed perfect utility placement, which, combined with his neat gunplay got him the one second ace.

Reddit user ‘PolareN88’ has shared a video of the astonishing ace on the platform, showcasing what went down that round.

In the clip, we can see the Breach player holding the corridor near A-site Ascent as a defender. As he heard footsteps of his enemies approaching him, he wound up an Aftershock through the wall, which caught the opposing team by surprise.

The enemy Astra also smoked the area, which ultimately made it harder for her own team to see the Aftershock coming. One by one, the entire Attacking side collapsed to his Aftershock except Jett, who jumped through it only to be gunned down by Breach.

The play by Breach initiated outbursts of surprise from his teammates in the voice chat, who seemed pretty shocked by the one second ace that he had just pulled off.

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