Valorant Night Market Returns Today

valorant night market

The fan favourite Night Market returns to Valorant today, the news came as a part of the Valorant YR1 events announcement.

Night market enables players to pick up skins at a discounted rate. 6 skins will be available to choose from, which includes skins for all weapons including knives. The “Give Back” bundle will let fans bring back skins from the past via a voting system, where the proceeds will be handed over to charity.

While the Night Market is basically a shot in the dark, Riot has promised to optimize it in a way it remains fairly random while catering to everyone’s need.

Skins in VALORANT have been commended for their inventive fine art and players all titles regard the exertion and detail put into VALORANT skins and for this exact reason, any update related to skins will be something on the better side.

Notwithstanding the Night Market, the players will decide on a progression of preselected skins to go in the bundle via voting.

The profits will partly go to a noble cause and could include well known skins like the Prime 2.0 Phantom, Reaver Vandal, and Ion Operator. Regardless, you’ll have the option to get a strong skin for as little as possible to praise one year of VALORANT.