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How to get Valorant Pride Cards

Riot Games has released Valorant Pride Cards to celebrate Pride month, and fans are eager to know how they can get their hands on one of these fancy cards.

In case you’re looking to know about the release date of these Pride cards, or simply want to learn how to grab yourself one, we have you covered.

There will be several Pride cards made available in the tactical shooter. While one of them will be a rainbow flag to represent the LGBTQI+ community, there will also be more individual cards to represent different sexualities.

These upcoming Pride cards will contain the following colour combinations:

  • Blue, pink and white
  • Pink, yellow and blue
  • Yellow, white, purple and black
  • Pink, purple and blue
  • Purple, white, grey and black
  • Red, orange, white, pink and purple

Valorant Pride Cards Release Date

While an exact release date for these Pride cards hasn’t been scheduled as of yet, players can expect the Pride cards to arrive within the next couple of weeks.

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How to Get Valorant Pride Cards

How players can obtain these highly anticipated Pride cards hasn’t been made clear by Riot Games. However, the devs have asked fans to keep an eye on the Valorant official website throughout June for updates about the cards’ release and ways to get them.

It’s likely that players may have to buy the Pride cards using Valorant Points, but it isn’t certain.

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