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Valorant New Map ‘Breeze’ revealed: Photos Inside

Looks like the long wait is over, as Riot Games has officially announced a new Valorant map ‘Breeze’ that’s set to arrive to the title this week.

This news doesn’t come as a surprise to many, however, since data miners had managed to dig up the map name and the loading music a couple of weeks ago as we had reported earlier. Riot had also teased the map through a mysterious picture they released a few days ago.

Valorant Breeze

Breeze is set to be a tropical-themed map that’ll challenge players’ skills to hold down important choke points across the map. Set in a remote island located somewhere within the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle, Breeze features a “bright, playful and colorful environment with wide open spaces and opportunities for long range encounters,” the devs confirmed.

Valorant New Map Breeze Features

Here’s what you can expect from the upcoming Valorant map:

  • Long Range engagements
  • Large open spaces
  • Wide choke points
  • Important territory control

Valorant New Map Breeze Release Date

As confirmed by the Valorant devs themselves, Breeze will hit the live servers on 27 April, 2021, the same date as Episode 2 Act 2 comes to an end. Breeze will likely be introduced to the shooter alongside its Act 3 release.

Valorant New Map Breeze Photos

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