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Valorant Mobile: Release Date, What To Expect and More

Valorant Mobile has generated immense anticipation among Android gamers, poised to rival popular titles like COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile upon its release by Riot Games. In this article, we delve into the details of the Valorant Mobile release date, how it will measure up against its PC counterpart, and shed light on the current state of the game.

When Will Valorant Mobile Be Released?

Despite being announced over two years ago and with three years having passed since the PC version’s release, an official release date for Valorant Mobile remains undisclosed as of mid-2023. While it is unlikely to launch this year, there is a possibility that an official release date will be revealed in the upcoming months.

Speculations initially arose that the Valorant Mobile release date would be disclosed during the three-year anniversary event for Valorant PC in June 2023. However, no concrete information emerged. Another significant Valorant event is scheduled later this year, which is expected to provide the long-awaited release date for Valorant Mobile on Android and iOS platforms. Rest assured, we will promptly update this article as soon as new information emerges.

Comparing Valorant Mobile with the PC Version

Riot Games and Tencent have yet to release extensive details about Valorant Mobile. However, if we draw parallels from Riot’s League of Legends mobile spinoff, Wild Rift, as well as COD Mobile and other mobile shooters, Valorant Mobile is likely to be treated as a distinct release. Leaked gameplay footage from early 2022 showcased similarities in mechanics and gameplay when compared to its PC counterpart.

Valorant Mobile is expected to feature many of the same agents and abilities as the PC version, tailored with quality-of-life improvements to cater to mobile control schemes. It will likely adopt a free-to-play model, although cosmetic options and gameplay modes may differ between the two versions. Connecting your Riot account with your mobile account may yield certain rewards; however, it is improbable that the game will support cross-progression or crossplay between platforms.

Is There a Valorant Mobile Beta?

Currently, a closed testing phase for Valorant Mobile is underway, limited to users in China. Given that Asia has long been a hub for esports and mobile gaming, it comes as no surprise that Tencent, the developer of Valorant Mobile, is based in Shanghai, China.

Regarding a North American beta, no announcements have been made thus far. Historically, the United States gains access to mobile betas comparatively later than other regions. Therefore, it is expected that the game will be available in other regions well before it reaches the United States. Presently, Valorant Mobile is not available for pre-registration on the official website, Google Play Store, or Apple App Store.

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