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Valorant mobile latest leaks showcase agents, weapons, and gameplay

A mobile version of the globally popular FPS Valorant has been in the works for a long time, and we have had leaks. Still, the latest ones will make us more hopeful as it showcases a game closer to launch than ever.

Latest leaks have surfaced that indicate how the game will look once it is available to play on mobile. It showcases the agents, weapons, animations, controls, and gameplay and this is likely because the game is in its final stage of development undergoing fine-tuning to make it optimal before millions of users hop in it.

In the leaked footage, we can see the game being played on an iPad which looks buttery smooth and the controls don’t make the game feel unnatural to a great extent. The animation, the movement, and the overall mobility of the game look well put together and this is probably the final leaked footage that we will get before the actual launch.

The mobile version features an instant highlight system which is yet to arrive in the PC version of the game. While we have yet to scratch the surface with animations it is likely that the mobile version will do it differently given the limitations of the device.

Valorant Mobile has successfully ported almost everything from the PC version of the game which retains the core elements that made it great in the first place. Having the same experience on a device that fits into your pocket is nothing short of impressive but suffice it to say that the specs will demand to say the least.

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