Valorant patch

1.11 update brings a nifty feature from CSGO to Valorant, the ability to switch between hands.

Having guns on either hands doesn’t translate to peekers advantage as many may assume, however, it only serves to lefties who find it pleasing to have the guns on their desired hand. It was an unexpected introduction but certainly a useful one.

To our misfortune, the update was far from ideal and a bug galore which forced Riot to roll back the update with a promise to redeploy with proper fixes by the end of the week.

Among several other glitches, being unable to switch out of left handed mode was one to stand out.

A fair few steps might be followed to get rid of the problem.

  • Go to Custom Game.
  • Enable Cheats, and chose an agent.
  • Open Settings.
  • Turn off the left hand mode setting in the new options screen.

Upon following these steps, players will find themselves not being bothered anymore by the left hand glitch. This fix won’t allow players to switch hands, not until the next update at least but it is better to wait than to play with an uncomfortable viewmodel.

Teammates of steel from 100 Thieves faced this issue and his tweet got enough hype to reach Riot. Glitches like this might seem like nitpicks but to professional players, they make a huge difference as minor inconveniences might cost them the match.

Riot has promised a fix by the end of the week, and we hope that they can deliver on it. As we are eagerly waiting to get our hands on the 1.11 fixed update and its flagship feature, the new agent Skye.