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CSGO Players Can Now Play Valorant In Left-Handed Mode

The latest Valorant update has introduced left-handed viewmodels to the game.

The upcoming patch 1.11 is about to go live in Valorant in the next few hours, and it brings with it a number of new changes to the competitive shooter.

If you’re switching to Valorant from CSGO, you’re probably aware of how players of the latter have the freedom to switch between left and right handed viewmodels at will. Till today, Valorant has been missing this feature which was heavily requested by fans worldwide.

Using a left-handed viewmodel opens up a good chunk of the bottom-right part of your screen which would otherwise be occupied with your weapon. It’s also simply more convenient for left-handed players who use their strong hand to operate the mouse.

It appears like Riot has taken notice of this problem as they have finally implemented a feature to Valorant that enables players to use left-handed models while playing the game.

To use this feature, simply go to Valorant’s in-game settings once the new patch drops and check the option from there. Once done, all players in the game will appear left-handed to you while spectating.

Aside from the addition of this feature, the patch 1.11 also brings some huge changes to the agents, the competitive system, and the in-game economy.

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