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How To Convert Your CSGO, Overwatch, R6S, and Apex Legends Sensitivities to Valorant

After the official launch of Valorant on June 2, gamers across the globe have started to try their hands out on Riot’s competitive shooter. The current popularity of Valorant is unmatched among the FPS titles in esports and it had a daily average of about 3 million players in its closed beta stage itself.

It can’t be denied that Valorant has taken a good number of players from other popular shooters. The recent dip in the player count of CSGO proves that a huge number of CSGO players have already shifted to Valorant.

However, switching to Valorant from CSGO, Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege can be overwhelming at first due to the significant difference insensitivities, and that’s exactly where this guide will help you.

The method is quite simple, after finding out your sensitivities in other games, all you need to do is just divide it by a specific number to get your ideal Valorant sensitivity.

For instance, if you’re looking to convert your CSGO sensitivity to that of Valorant, first, load up CSGO and go to game settings. Then under the keyboard/mouse tab, you can see the value of your CSGO sensitivity which you must note. You can also do this alternatively by opening up the console and typing down ‘sensitivity’ and noting down the number that pops up beside it.

Next, divide the number by 3.18. For instance, if your CSGO sensitivity is 2, then your Valorant sensitivity would approximately be (2/3.18 =) 0.63. That’s all there is to it.

While the in-game feel of a player’s sensitivity might still feel different due to the varying field of views, you’ll still have a much better time adjusting to the new game.

Apex Legends players can do the same thing by dividing their sensitivity by 3.18. But the numbers are a little different from Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege. In order to get your perfect Valorant sensitivity, Overwatch players would have to divide their sensitivity by 10.6 while Rainbow Six players need to use the number 12.2.

valorant sensitivity

Muscle memory is indeed a huge factor when it comes to FPS games and it can help you get a head start while transferring to a new game. This guide is certain to help you embark on your journey to the top levels in Valorant.

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