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Mr. Beast Gaming gives away $10,000 in a Minecraft Challenge

Mr. Beast is a very well known face of YouTube who is famous for doing insane challenges that no one could ever think of. From giving free items in various ways to completing some whacky challenges, he is known to do things beyond comprehension. He apparently even gave away a whole island a month ago.

Mr. Beast posted a challenge on his gaming channel that involved an impossible parkour run in a custom Minecraft map. Minecraft is a game in which players can build their own entire universe from the scratch. Right from dismantling things to building anything, the game can do it all.

Popular YouTubers like PewDiePie made an entire series based on Minecraft and this time, it is Mr. Beast who is reviving the popularity of this game. In a recent video, Mr. Beast challenged players to complete an impossible map run at the end of which, the winner gets $10,000.

Mr. Beast started the video boasting that it was “the hardest Minecraft parkour map in existence.” He did not inform the players about the grand prize at the start but after a while, he revealed the information which glimmered a new ray of hope into the participants.

Mr. Beast had the map designed in such a way that after every level, the difficulty level rises. The players had to make a cross by jumping over blocks hovering into the air. Mr. Beast and his friends helped as well as destroyed some blocks using the creative mode which added to the difficulty level of the task as well as sprinkled a pinch of fun for the viewers.

After crossing multiple stages, the remaining players traversed through a portal that transported them to another dimension which was the hardest stage amongst them all. The stage was ultra hard according to Mr. Beast himself, and very few players made it till the end.

After a long run through these almost impossible stages, a participant named Kundvagn reached the finishing block. Mr. Beast trolled him for a while stating that he was second to make it and would only get $500 but eventually declared him as the winner.

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