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Valorant Has Strange Similarities to Counter Strike Maps

Striking similarity has been found between Haven and two maps from CS 1.6.

If you’re a veteran Counter-Strike 1.6 player, chances are you’re familiar with a lot of older maps which were removed in Global Offensive. Two such maps are de_tuscan and de_cpl_mill. Both of these maps had quite the fame in the early Counter-Strike days, although nowhere close to the likes of de_dust 2.

Riot’s new title, VALORANT has entered the world of competitive shooters recently and has gained insane popularity among gamers worldwide. The game initially launched its closed beta stage with three maps – Haven, Bind and Split. While Bind and Split have two bombsites each like any typical map in Counter-Strike, Riot went a step further on Haven and decided to include three bombsites in the map.

However, upon close inspection of Haven, striking similarities can be found in its structure with the previously mentioned CS 1.6 maps – de_cpl_mill and de_tuscan. A Facebook post uploaded by Ninjas in Pyjamas catches the structural similarities the three maps share.


In all three maps, the spawn areas are located on opposite sides with one bombsite to the direct left of CT spawn and another to the right in close proximity. The middle area of the Counter-Strike maps seems to be replaced by a third bombsite in Haven, the addition of which certainly made room for some bold and innovative plays. The pathway connecting the t-spawn to A bombsite is also nearly the same.

While there still are plenty of differences between the three maps with different structures, objects, and hiding spots, it can’t be denied that the overall map layout of Haven is quite similar to the old maps from the first Counter-Strike title.

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