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Valorant Episode 9 Release Date and Time

Everything We Know So Far About Valorant Episode 9 Act 1

Valorant Episode 9 Act 1 is eagerly anticipated by fans and is set to launch very soon. The official release date for Valorant Episode 9 Act 1 is June 25, with the update expected to go live at approximately 2 p.m. PT. This new episode will commence immediately following the conclusion of Episode 8 Act 3, ensuring a seamless transition for players.

In addition to the release date, Riot Games has announced that all future Valorant patch notes will now be released with a slight delay, which may affect how quickly players can access detailed information about updates. The launch trailer for Episode 9 has generated significant excitement, showcasing numerous clips of what players can look forward to in the new season.

One of the highlights from the trailer is a teaser for a new agent, which has sparked considerable speculation and interest within the community. Additionally, the trailer briefly featured a new Evori Dreamwings gun skin bundle, adding to the anticipation for the upcoming content.

Stay tuned for more updates as the release date approaches, and prepare to dive into the new adventures that Valorant Episode 9 Act 1 has in store!

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