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Is Palworld Coming to PS5?

New Teaser Hints at Palworld's Arrival on PlayStation 5

When Palworld arrived on PCs and Xbox in January 2023 it acquired millions of users. PS5 owners expected the game for their platform but to their misfortune, nothing materialized but a new teaser might spark excitement among PS5 owners once again.

A tweet from Bucky caused an immediate stir in the community, with players speculating that it was a hint at a possible PlayStation 5 release. There’s not enough information to work with, and the developer might be playing around with us. However, it’s something to watch, particularly considering the PS5’s prior consideration.

A new update for the game is on the cards and even though the developers have not confirmed anything yet, if a PS5 release is in the works, an announcement can be expected by the end of this moment. The devs previously showed their interest in releasing a PS5 version of the game but this is all we know at the time of writing.

The game already has a massive player base with Xbox and PC. PS5 arguably boats the biggest player base in the console space which means that the developers have been missing out on a significant number of players by not delivering a PS5 version of the game.

Whether or not the teaser will translate into an official statement, only time can tell but until then keep your heads high as the chances of Palworld releasing PS5 are as high as ever.

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