Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 Battlepass: All You Need To Know

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With the Episode 5 Act 1 on the Horizon, a brand new battlepass is en-route to the game featuring three different generations of weapon cosmetics, sprays and player cards. Battlepass in Valorant is a set of cosmetic items that players can obtain by progressing through the game.

Comprising 50 Tiers across 10 acts, a player can earn a certain number of free rewards (marked with the green gradient) and premium prizes (marked with the red gradient).

The paid track can be redeemed by getting the premium version of the ACT 3 Battlepass which would cost you 1000 Valorant points in-game, near to around USD 10$ and 780 INR (approx) for players across India.

Each player is given access to a free version of the Battlepass and can earn rewards labeled as “free”. Other prizes are available when you purchase a special Premium version of the Battle Pass.

Usually, it might take endless hours to grind out the Battle Pass, but the only way out to get it done is the daily challenges. The latter provides you with experience points that enable you to progress faster while playing the game and unlock the Battlepass content as quickly as possible.

You may also choose to purchase the levels if you wish to claim the paid track and not grind the entire thing out. Each level is made available at 200 Valorant Points to purchase.

Valorant Battlepass Act 2 Episode 3:

Three new skinline generations have been introduced in this forthcoming Episode 5 Act 1 Battlepass and are listed according to the developer sheet below:

  • Shimmer Valorant Skin Pack
  • Spitfire Valorant Skin Pack
  • Task Force 809 Valorant Skin Pack

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass Key Features:

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass Price: 1,000 VP

Free Content:

  • Shimmer Classic
  • Operation: Vacation Player Card
  • That’s a Blowout Spray
  • Perfect Pattern Gun Buddy

Paid Content:

  • Task Force 809 Knife
  • Task Force 809 Phantom
  • Spitfire Operator
  • Enter the Duelists Player Card
  • Never Forget Leg Day Spray
  • Cat Tactics Gun Buddy
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