Valorant devs confirm hit registration issues to be fixed in the next update

Recently, there has been an influx on the number of reports VALORANT was getting due to its flawed hit registry. Many users claimed that after the release of the latest patch 0.50, bullets shot at opponents, even when standing still, were not hitting their mark. If you’re one of our regular readers, you’re probably aware of the recent Reddit post compiling several such reports.

A Riot dev had responded to the complaints back then and pointed out the reasons which may have caused them.

However, more and more reports against the hit registry kept on flooding the game forums across social media platforms. This seems to have drawn Riot’s attention as they have addressed the issue in a recent tweet.

Riot thanked the players for informing them about the problem by sending them videos and then proceeded to mention that they’re actively working on fixing the issues. They also mentioned that low FPS players might be getting hit worse by the problem due to it being a “desync related to in-game FPS.”

Through a follow-up tweet Riot stated what else could be adding to the issue. According to them, the recent movement inaccuracy changes and “it being difficult to tell between body/headshots with sparks” are making matters worse. But they also assured the players that they’re “chasing down all of these things.”

Ziegler – Game director for VALORANT – elaborated on this through a tweet of his own. He claimed that they’re focusing on fixing at issue at the instant and that they’d be fixed in the next update.