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Valorant Deadlock All Abilities Explained

Following weeks of speculation and leaks involving the new Valorant Agent, Riot Games has finally shed light on Deadlock – the Norwegian Sentinel set to join the Valorant roster alongside the upcoming Episode 7 update.

From the initial looks at her, Deadlock is expected to bring an ‘active’ Sentinel playstyle to Valorant’s battlefield. Unlike other Sentinels in the game, who are more comfortable locking down sites in advance with their utility, Deadlock excels at reacting to information that she’s presented with and uses her kit accordingly to shut down rushes or hold important choke points.

Now without theorycrafting any further, let’s take a look at what Deadlock actually brings to the battlefield.

Valorant Deadlock: All Abilities

Here’s a list of all the abilities included in Deadlock’s kit:

GravNet (C)

EQUIP a GravNet grenade. FIRE to throw. ALT FIRE to lob the grenade underhand. The GravNet detonates upon landing, forcing any enemies caught within to crouch and move slowly.

Sonic Sensor (Q)

EQUIP a Sonic Sensor. FIRE to deploy. The sensor monitors an area for enemies making sound. It concusses that area if footsteps, weapons fire, or significant noise are detected.

Barrier Mesh (E)

EQUIP a Barrier Mesh disc. FIRE to throw forward. Upon landing, the disc generates barriers from the origin point that block character movement.

Annihilation (X)

EQUIP a Nanowire Accelerator. FIRE to unleash a pulse of nanowires that captures the first enemy contacted. The cocooned enemy is pulled along a nanowire path and will die if they reach the end, unless they are freed. The nanowire cocoon is destructible.

Valorant Deadlock: Release Date

As mentioned earlier, Valorant Deadlock will make her entrance to Valorant with the Episode update. It has already been confirmed by Riot Games that Deadlock will go live in the competitive shooter on June 27, 2023.

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