Valorant Cryostasis Skin Bundle: Release Date,Price and More

Valorant Cryostasis Skin Bundle

The new luxurious weapon skin bundle arriving at Valorant soon promises to be a worthwhile addition to the game. Cryostasis is so named because of the cold, frosty aesthetic it evokes. It may include upgrade tiers with special effects, audio, and a finisher.

The bundle hasn’t been revealed past Riot Games’ social media tease.

Riot’s first-person shooter, Valorant, has been a massive hit since its premiere in 2020, because of its innovative mix of tactical shooting mechanics and ability-based gameplay, as well as its vast variety of stunning cosmetics, which encourage players to put in long hours of practice.

Everything you need to know about Valorant’s new Cryostasis skin collection

We haven’t heard anything official about the price yet, but we’re guessing it’s at least as expensive as a deluxe package. In that case, the cost would be 7100 VP. Until we have more information, we will continue to speculate; however, we will make sure to update this page as soon as we do.

The Cryostasis bundle will have the following weapons:

  • Hammer (melee)
  • Classic
  • Bulldog
  • Vandal
  • Operator

At the start of the game, all of the nuts and bolts will be visible on the metal gray weaponry. If you keep landing those frosty shots, the firearms will eventually freeze up. Ice crystals will start to coat your weapon, and eventually, it will be totally covered in snow.

The Valorant holiday set will look more authentic with a trace of metal showing through the blanket of snow.

Players seem to really appreciate the new extra element, especially in comparison to seasonal packs that didn’t offer much in the way of diversity before. The designer also implemented a distinctive hammer melee that, like the rest of the game, is frozen at intervals.

Valorant Cryostasis Skin Release date

The Cryotasis Skin collection is scheduled to be released on December 14.

Valorant Cryostasis Bundle Features:

  • Bundle will contain Upgrades including a Finisher & Kill Banner.
  • The Ice on your weapon will progressively break off as you use the weapon.

Source: Valorant Leaks.

Valorant Cryostasis Bundle Price:

Like all Deluxe+Melee bundles, the Cryostasis collection will be priced at 7,100 VP for the entire bundle. You will also be able to purchase skins individually from this upcoming collection.

We expect to see the introduction of Cryostasis in the upcoming version 5.12 patch for Valorant on December 12th. There will be significant nerfs to the Chamber, along with adjustments to nearly all Valorant agents, in the upcoming patch. 

Although the fix will be released this week, the full rollout will not occur until the following week.

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