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Valorant Community Battlepass: All You Need To Know

The Valorant community Battle pass is set to release as a part of the forthcoming Episode 4 Act 2 and here is everything you need to know about the content which Riot holds in store for us.

Valorant has been a resounding success ever since its launch in June 2020 and that would be due to its wild first person tactical mechanics but the game’s cosmetic items are just a cherry on top of the cake with a new skin bundle been revealed every two weeks or so powered by a brand new battle pass every act and the night market which would give you your favorite weapon skins at a discounted rate.

Riot has been really passionate towards their first person shooter with the developers shipping updates more often than any other title, sometimes which may even shake up the meta or an agent is introduced to the ranks on the current roster of the same, making the players getting access to a wide palette of roles they wish to partake.

The upcoming Valorant community battlepass is of the same kind but with a different mix which allows the community to turn in their artwork where they may stand a chance to get featured in the Valorant Community battlepass, a track of items for the players across each and every region of Valorant’s.

Once the community would have turned in their fan designs, players would be able to vote for the best ones to be added to the Community Battle pass.

In addition to this, you should know that the community battle pass in Valorant is region-specific and would depend upon what region you belong to.

The price of the same has yet to be determined by the developers but so far we know the community battle pass would be shipped as a part of the Episode 4 Act 2 which drops on March 1.

We may consider a basic price of 1000 Valorant points to be set for the Community Battle pass but its advisable to stay tuned with us at TalkEsport for further updates on the same. 

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