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Valorant Champions 2022 Playoffs Will Have Live Audience

Valorant Champions 2022 is the finale of this year’s Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) competitions, in which the world’s best teams will compete for the title of “Champion” and the prize pool.

The Valorant Champions 2022 event will be the second iteration of the competition, and because of this, teams will strive to defy all expectations and bring their best game to the stage.

The competition will begin on the 31st of August and continue until the 18th of September in Istanbul, which is located in Turkey. The presence of a live audience at the Playoffs Stage of the Valorant Champions 2022 event was confirmed by Riot Games.

As Riot said in May, “Our goal is to see our biggest international events played in front of a live audience,” and that “both of these cities [Copenhagen and Istanbul] provided clear pathways towards this goal.” Additionally, Riot stated that “both of these cities provided the best possible guarantee that all qualified teams will be able to safely attend and compete.”

Riot took to social media using the handle for the Valorant Champions Tour and provided additional information on the event, including when it will be open to a live audience. This was done as a follow-up to the initial announcement that was made.

Riot Games has announced that the Valorant Champions 2022 Playoffs will have a live audience.

The first stage of Valorant Champions 2022 is the Group Stage, and the second stage is the Playoffs. During the group stage, there will be a total of 16 teams competing against one another.

These teams will be divided into groups of four and will compete against one another for the top two spots in their respective groups. The conclusion of the Group Stage is going to take place on September 8th, and then the Playoffs are going to start on September 9th.

On Twitter, Riot Games made the announcement, “Hey players! We are ecstatic to announce that the #VALORANTChampions Istanbul tournament will be held at the Volkswagen Arena and will feature a live audience beginning with the Play-Off bracket on September 9th through the 18th!

In addition, it stated that it was quickly working to finalize the information on the purchase of tickets for the event and that it will shortly give additional specifics. “We sincerely thank you for your understanding and promise that for future events, we will provide you considerably longer lead times.”

As a result of this, it is crystal obvious that the Playoffs will be held at the Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul; however, it is not yet known whether the Group Stage will also be held at the same location.

The Volkswagen Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena that is located in the city and has played host to a wide variety of events, including award ceremonies, fashion shows, dance and theater performances, basketball games, and other athletic activities. There is a total capacity of 6,500 people over the standing area, the tribunes, and the seating area, with 4,500 people able to use the seating section.

Riot has also provided information about the Champions 2022 skin line, including its price, the skins that will be available, and other relevant details.

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