The Ongoing Valorant Champions Tour is about to get more spicier as we teams are about to continue their journey in the second day of Challengers 2 event. The inaugural challengers event saw four teams from every region move on to the latter. Top four teams from the ongoing Challengers event will stand a chance to qualify for the Masters event to be held in March.

As earlier broadcasted by Riot, the Road to the Masters event will be an outcome of a total 3 Challengers event with the first one already concluded. As earlier mentioned above, the second event is underway with Day 2 matches lined up to be played. Both North America and Europe regions have been done with their fixtures from Day 1 with the matches in the former region were earlier postponed due to bad weather conditions.

Status of Valorant Champions tour in North America.

Challengers 1 outcome:

PlaceTeamPrize money
3rdLuminosity Gaming$7,000
5th-6thTeam Envy$3,000
5th-6thGen.G Esports$3,000

The Challengers 2 event in NA has already kicked off with the matchups of the Upper bracket already set to be played whereas 100 Thieves and XSET await their fate, to be later decided by the UB matches. 

The winners from the UB Semis will march into the Day 3 to compete in the UB Finals while the teams lingering in the LB will progress through R2 and LB Finals.  

Gen.G and FaZe Clan have already been eliminated from the Challenges 2 event and they would be joined by two teams from the ongoing fixtures who will stand another chance to book a spot at the Masters event through Challenges 3 event.

Status of Valorant Champions tour in Europe.

Challengers 1 event outcome in EU: 

G2 Esports along with Fnatic were denied a spot in the Challenges 2 event who had to then compete in the qualifier event of the same to stay in the competition. 

The European region has its first ever 2 teams who have booked a spot in the Masters event, Alliance along with Ninjas In Pyjamas. The latter breezed past through the french side led by Óscar “Mixwell” Cañellas in the RO8. G2 Esports will now have to go through yet another Challengers stage to assure themselves a spot at the Masters.

The above fixtures will witness two teams qualify for the Masters event, with the losing teams to compete in the C3. Both these matchups have two brand new sides, OG & Fnatic, yet to unravel their potential.

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