Valorant: C9 Curry’s first dance, Cloud 9 Blue loses to Optic Gaming 1-2

Curry played almost different roles for T1, Cloud 9 changed their composition a bit to accommodate for Curry, Curry primarily played controller on his first run taking over the role from Vanity, While vanity and Xeppa played Sova/Fade which Xeta used to.  

The match started on the  Icebox, Cloud9’s pick with both teams almost running a similar composition without duelist and their map player’s C9 leaf and Optic yay playing chamber, the only difference between the compositions was Optic playing sova and C9 playing Fade.

The map swung cloud9’s way on the backs of some amazing rounds from Xeppa on Fade and curry on viper, and leaf’s Chamber always managing to shut down yay’s chamber. The first half ended with Cloud 9 winning the half 8-4 on the attack. On defense, though Cloud 9 didn’t skip a beat and managed to win the game 13-4 without dropping a single round.

Onto Optic’s Ascent, A surprise pick of Yoru from Victor must’ve really confused Cloud 9 Blue, as it was the first time yoru was played on Ascent since the yoru rework. Optic Gaming also employed Fade instead of Kay/O while the rest of the comp almost remained the same as last week. 

Cloud 9 played with Vanity as sova, Xeppa, mitch, and leaf played their regular agents. And curry played Omen. 

The map started being optic’s stronghold, Optic gaming always managed to find openings on Cloud 9’s defense winning the first half 9-3 and then putting up a green wall on defense to win the second half 4-1 thus winning the game 13-4.

Now with both teams winning their map pick the Decider Haven was played. On C9B’s side, Xeta’s role of Breach was taken over by Vanity, while Curry played Omen instead. Both teams played duelists with Leaf and Victor on Raze, and a sentinel Chamber with Mitch playing it for C9B while yay donning it as he has been for most maps. 

The game started with Cloud9 on defense managing to win the opening pistols and four straight rounds. But with a clutch from yay optic put 1 on the map. With this Optic managed to win 5 of the remaining 7 rounds to close the half 6-6. 

The second half again started with Cloud 9 winning four first rounds to a scoreline of 10-6, yay then started the optic winning with a 3k from his tour-de-force. After this round optic managed to win the next 6 rounds to win the game 13-10. 

Despite losing though, Cloud 9 didn’t seem weaker per se, despite the Xeta – Curry trade, you can read about it further: 

And I think would easily make it to the playoffs. Cloud 9 Blue now has to face Faze, Luminosity, and Sentinels (who are already down bad) in the upcoming week. 

While the green wall still seems impenetrable, it doesn’t seem anyone has yet found an answer for it. Optic Gaming is already 2-0 strong and it doesn’t seem they are going to slow down a bit whatever opponents they face. 

Good luck to both of the teams and I know they’d make it to the playoffs. GGs