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VALORANT Basic Training: Complete Guide & Rewards

Unlock Free Agents & Cosmetics in VALORANT Basic Training

Are you new to the world of VALORANT? With Patch 8.10, Riot Games has rolled out a comprehensive onboarding process that’s designed to help you get up to speed and ready for competitive play. Here’s your ultimate guide to navigating the Basic Training event and unlocking exclusive rewards.

VALORANT’s latest update is a game-changer for newcomers. The Basic Training Event is a tailored experience that introduces you to the game’s core mechanics, weapon systems, and abilities. It’s not just about learning; it’s about progressing with a clear set of goals and rewards.

Master VALORANT: Complete Guide to the Basic Training Event

The Basic Training Event

As a new recruit, you’ll embark on a journey that begins with the basics. The event is exclusively for new players, ensuring that you’re learning alongside peers at the same skill level. You’ll start with the tutorial, which remains a staple for all new accounts, teaching you movement, aiming, ability usage, and spike planting.

Unlocking Your First Agent and More

After completing the tutorial, you’ll be greeted by the Basic Training event page. If you’ve successfully navigated the tutorial, you’ll find the Intro section checked off, granting you your first free agent unlock. But that’s just the beginning.

Your First Real Challenge

Next up is the Combat section, where you’ll be tasked with killing 10 enemies, purchasing 15 weapons, and using abilities 20 times. This can typically be achieved in a single unrated game, giving you a practical playground to apply your new skills.

Rewards: From Player Cards to Agent Unlocks

Completing the Combat section not only boosts your confidence but also rewards you with the V Protocol player card and the Recruit title. And as you progress, you’ll unlock additional sections that offer even more, including the Coin gun buddy and another agent unlock.

The Basic Training Event is ingeniously structured to guide you through different gameplay aspects. You’ll spend time in the Practice Range honing your aim and movement, and each phase comes with tiered rewards like sprays, banners, and titles. It’s a learning experience that feels rewarding every step of the way.

One of the highlights of the Basic Training Event is its similarity to other events in VALORANT. You’ll have a clear view of your progress, understand the goals at each milestone, and work towards completing them to earn rewards that kickstart your journey in the game.

While the Basic Training Event is the star of the show, Patch 8.10 also brings important bug fixes, particularly for the newest Controller agent, Clove, and the reliable Sentinel Cypher. These tweaks focus on ability transitions and cooldowns, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience for all.

The Basic Training Event in VALORANT Patch 8.10 is a game-changer for new players. It offers a clear path of learning and progression, with the added bonus of unlocking agents and cosmetics to enhance your play. Dive in, complete the tasks, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to take on the competitive scene. Welcome to VALORANT, where your journey from rookie to ace begins.

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