More of what comes not as a surprise. Unikrn (pronounced as ‘unicorn’) reportedly raised a $7mn of funding from Binary capital, which totals to the company initial capital hit $10mns. Mark Cuban, previously invested into the organization.


Aside of CSGOLounge and DotA2Lounge separately, Unikrn lists all the major eSports game under one hood and allows the gambling to be non-distracted and smooth.

The startup, led by a very famous and active entrepreneur Rahul Sood, which not to be forgotten is also one of the Board Members at Razer.  Unikrn basically helps people place bets on upcoming eSports matches, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Starcraft 2 which has a large professional scenes.

Betting is a term often listed below the ‘illegal activities’ in most of the countries, and doesn’t allow gambling of real money. Unikrn however, has a proactive solution to that which allows it to focus less on the gambling laws by having the operating partner Tabcorp, an Australian company, at their ventures.